Utilizing the New YouTube One Channel Art

YouTube - Dano Hart - Channel ArtIf you don’t know, YouTube announced a new look for channels, and one thing that caught my eye was “channel art”.

You can find the template and example here of how the new channel art is working. Basically it’s a large image, but YouTube displays all certain parts of that image, based on the device it’s displayed on. Dealing with web design here in Pensacola on a regular basis myself, this is something I’ve learned for personal clients to do and it’s worked out great for various reasons.

But I was talking to Chris yesterday(check out his twitter here, he’s a cool dude), and I told him about the opportunity to create “easter eggs” for the TV viewers of your channel…in that I’ve hidden text in the outer-most parts of my channel art, so that only those that view my channel on a TV will show these messages since YouTube will display most of the image I’ve set for channel art…and that’s when Chris said it. QR codes!


It’s genius! You know what kind of device someone is going to be on when they see all of your channel art, which is the TV…so place a QR code there so they can scan with their phone, and go to wherever you want your viewer to go. Take them to your website, take them to your mobile app, take them to your online store…oh hey, that’s a good idea.

Think about this….what about a discount for TV viewers only? Like stating “10% a tshirt” with a QR code right next to it that goes to your online store? Perfect! You want to talk about making a subscriber for life? That’s the way to do it. Make them feel special.

Do you get the idea? Hiding stuff in your channel art? If so, let me know if you have any other ideas.