Getting Social On Social Media With Your YouTube Channel

Remember, Twitter is a social network. So socialize. Specifically, get to know other YouTubers that are into the community just as much as you are. If not, more.

It’s great to befriend other YouTubers on twitter for many reasons…here’s a few…

  • If they have a channel, you know they have a YouTube account – Silly statement, I know. But you want people that could potentially watch your videos, so it’s great to have people follow you that have an account and most likely subscribe to channels.
  • You’re gaining access to their followers…possibly – “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” is a saying that gets passed around, and getting to a level where this is the case with as many YouTubers and twitter followers as you can, is a great thing. So retweeting, @replying, and sharing videos from others, can raise  the potential that they’ll do the same in return, sometime. Be patient. They probably won’t do this till you get to know them really well…or if they watch these tips :)
  • You’ll build a circle of friends that you can get advice from – “There’s strength in numbers” … there I go putting in quotes again…and I don’t think that one applies, but still. Having a group of people that you can talk to about things that you’re dealing with, whether it be lighting equipment, camera settings, types of content, or what time of day to upload a video…it’s great to converse with people that can help.

Let me know if you think of any other benefits and comment on the video above, or on this post below.